Jetty & Marine

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Jetty & Marine Construction




O’Connor, WA

Project Date:

June 2023


Stage 1
Strip & prepare site, and export waste materials off-site.
Construct a 2m wide retaining wall footing with a 300mm thick road base compacted and certified to 98% MMDD.
Supply and install approx. 1800T of clean fill.
Supply and install a precast retaining wall, backfill and compact.
Construct and trim sand pad and carry out NATA approved certification.

Stage 2
Excavate and construct retaining wall footing for NE to SE wall.
Compact subgrade to 95%MMDD.
Import and install recycled road base 200mm thick compacted to 98%MMDD.
Supply and install pre-cast L blocks.
Supply and install 300m3 clean fill backfilled against the wall.

Stage 3
Cut and fill subgrade levels compacted to 95% MMDD.
Import and install recycled road base pushed out to designee levels.
Water condition, light roll and compact.

Stage 4
Carry out final trim of road base +-10mm.
Water and roll. Compact to 98% MMDD.
Carry out NATA approved certification.

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